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Diane Goble

2015 is the Year of Awakeneing Higher Consciousness in Humanity

Spiritual teachers around the world who have been preparing for this Grand Awakening over the last quarter century are offering their teachings to those who are ready to expand their awareness ointo greater dimensions of the Universe thereby changing their personal lives and the world through living with Higher Consciousness values and beliefs.

Whatever you believed before is only part of the Whole Truth, which can now be revealed

Before you would not have understood,

now you are ready to see Beyond the Veil

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It is time for Humanity to WAKE UP!

Diane Goble returned to her physical body following a near-death/afterlife experience in 1971 during which she was given esoteric knowledge by a Being of Light with the misission to share it with the world during this shift to Higher Conciousness. During the 40+ years since being initiated into the Greater Mystery Schools, she has been translating and transcribing this information to help enlighten others about...

who we really are and what our purpose is in the Universe,

both as a species and as individual beings

Diane Goble

Over the past ten years Diane has been living anonymously in seculsion, spending long periods in meditation communicating with Ascended Masters and beings from other star systems who are assisting humankind during this transitional period. By choosing not to go public with her work, she has kept this information available to only serious seekers of truth and wisdom who discovered it through this web site and spread the seeds within their own networks.

Now, as the evolution of consciousness is accelerating throughout the population, Diane has opened up these teachings through a series of ebooks for the new wave of beings who are ready to evolve to higher consciousness. She is among the many volunteers who have come to earth during these times to assist during this tumultuous period in history as humans struggle to remember their Divine Nature and bring peace to their planet and its population.

The new wave are those people who have worked hard to accumulte wealth through business or personal success, who suddenly find themselves wondering is this all there is? Those who, on the outside, appear to have everything, but who feel empty inside. They set their sights on "success" and they achieved it, yet they feel like a fraud. They put on a good show when they're out in public, but it's all an act. To others, they look like the perfect couple or the perfect family, but behind closed doors there is a seething anger, feelings of hatred and resentment, a lack of empathy or compassion for each other. A mid-life crisis may begin with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, of being out of control, and lead to anxieties, phobias and depression, which often lead to health issues, an affair, a divorce.

There is a decline of virtue along with an inclination to be reckless and self-destructive. They're likely to be battling addictions, whether it's food or drugs or sex or work, it takes them away from intimate relationships. There's little communication, everyone keeping their troubles close to their vest, unwilling to seek help for fear of being exposed. They gave their children everything they didn't have growing up and now it seems their children have turned against them. They've forgotten what it's like to feel happy just being alive.

What these people don't realize...

this discontent, this disillusionment, this emptiness,

is their WAKE UP call!

It's the soul's nudge to get its human to recognize that this is not all there is... there's way more. You can continue to live in misery chasing an impossible dream or you can learn to know yourself, who you truly are and what your higher purpose is for this life and beyond. It doesn't matter what religion you practice or what you believe, it's all part of your personal path. You just have to know you are on a path and get started on it. Seek guidance.

This allows you to evolve into a higher consciousness state of being where you see yourself as an integral part of a greater whole. Rather than being self-absorbed and egocentric, you become more socially and environmentally conscious finding joy in helping others, paying it forward, and just being kind and thoughtful on a daily basis.

You may chooose to live with less and spend more time with your family...

to take vacations instead of working 24-7 and losing touch

with the family you started so many years ago with such high hopes

As you reconnect with your divine purpose, you will find work that supports your quest for wholeness as your life becomes more meanigful and comprehensive. You find that giving and sharing brings you more happiness than acquiring and horading. Your perspective shifts into the greater realities that are available to us when we reconnect with our divine nature. You learn to give your ego a rest and work for the greater good, not just for yourself and those you love, but for all beings, all life on the earth, in the water, in the atmosphere above, and beyond.

Those who are ready to step onto their Spiritual Path now will be among the leaders of this new wave that will sweep the planet and restore peace among all nations and all people on Planet Earth. They will join those who have been pioneers this process of awakening consciousness over the past 50 years, who by their sheer numbers will peacefully overcome those who have abused this knowledge of who we really are to assume power over the people and hoard wealth for themselves while destroying the planet. With this paradigm shift, the new divine-human beings will find solutions to cleaning up the mess and providing for the health and welfare of all life on this planet and beyond. War and violence between humans will become a distant memory.

If you are ready to be the change you want to see in the world,

you are invited to Satsang with Diane

to accelerate the evolution of your consciousness


Diane Goble

Diane offers private sittings only in Sisters, Oregon USA. You are invited to plan a retreat during which you may request private sessions. You can come for a weekend or a week or more and enjoy the amenities while seeking higher consciousness and peace of mind.

Sisters Eagle Airport accommodates small private airplanes and has fuel. Courtesy car and bicycles are available. You can fly into Redmond Airport from Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver. You can take a taxi or airport shuttle or rent a car and drive about 20 minutes into Sisters. It is a beautiful 3-hour drive from Portland, weather permitting.

Diane Goble

Sisters is a small Western-style tourist town with lots of activities and amentities all year-round. Lodging ranges from camping to luxury suites and vacation homes; food places from fast-food to luxury dining with fine wine. Beautiful views of the snow-capped Cascade mountain range, vast farm lands and ranches, wildlife close up; a friendly, welcoming community. Make your reservations online and plan your retreat activities using the previous link and these suggestions:


Diane Goble



There are also walking, hiking, horse and cycling trails, frisbee golf and other outdoor activities. You may want to spend several days relaxing and becoming grounded as part of this spiritual adventure. During the summer, there are events almost every week (quilt show, rodeo, arts & crafts, folk festival) so reservations may be needed well in advance or avoided during high traffic events.

When there is snow, usually January through May, skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country and tubing are available at HooDoo or Mt. Bachelor. There are many lakes and rivers with great fishing, beautiful golf courses and it's a paradise for photographers and birders.


You or up to 4 people in a group, together or separately, may reserve time slots 7 days a week with Diane... start times will vary as time of sunrise and sunset changes throughout the year, during which you may ask any questions or have any conversations you are interested in having about letting go of the old ways of thinking and living with a higher consciousness perspective.


    • Morning session - 3-hours*
    • Afternoon session - 3 hours*
    • Evening session - 2 hours (options)
      • DNA Activation meditation - raising your consciousness with sound/frequencies
      • Practical meditation - The Path to Peace & Joy
      • Labyrinth Walk
      • Full Moon Talk - group discussion

Diane offers visitors her insights, intuition and wisdom within the gifting economy. She does not charge a traditional fee for her time, but suggests an equal energy exchange. If you feel you received value from your interactions with Diane and your overall retreat experience, you may wish to respond in kind whether it be with money, services, gifts or favors equal to the value of her teachings to your life path in support of her continuing to contribute to this evolving process.

To discuss your arrangements and reserve time slots during your retreat, email DoctorDee

Diane Goble

Photos by Diane Goble


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