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The Near-Death/Afterlife Experience of Diane Goble

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Diane Goble, MSCC, CCHt

MS Community-Clinical Psychology • MS Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist •

Ordained Minister • Near Death Experiencer • Master Transition Guide Trainer • Author

Diane Goble has been a business consultant and personal counselor for over 30 years, and a spiritual teacher for the last 25 of those years in Florida, California, Oregon, and on the World Wide Web; all the effects of a life changing near-death/afterlife experience in 1971.

That awakening event was the catalyst for the ongoing, evolutionary process of personal and spiritual transformation within her. Her post-NDE education led her into a period of self-discovery and mind-body-spirit healing. She went through all the processing and releasing and cleansing and inner meditative work that one must go through in order to become one's authentic self. She has studied all the world's religions, including Ancient Mystery School Teachings, and many leading edge spiritual teachers in a quest for understanding, truth and wisdom.

After returning to education to study psychology and graduating with a Bachelor's then a Master's degree in Psychology in 1983 (CSULB), Diane created one of the country's first stress management centers in New Port Richey, Florida in 1986 and partnered with her sister, JoAnn, in a mind-body healing center a year later. She returned to education again 10 years later to study hypnotherapy and specialized in past life regression as a therapeutic tool. She became an ordained minister with The Congregational Church of Practical Theology and has practiced since then as a psycho-spiritual counselor. She was a hospice volunteer for many years and developed an online training course for those interested in becoming Transition Guides to teach the art of conscious dying so no one will die feeling alone or afraid.

She continues to share her unique perspective on her web site, and through her books and blog to help others as they move through their own process of personal development, spiritual transformation, evolution of consciousness and transition to the spiritual world. She no longer travels but is available via Skype for interviews, bookstore events, conferences, webinars, book clubs, study groups, classes and personal conversations.

For those wishing to have a one-on-one experience with Diane-- time alone to speak with her, hear her story, ask her questions, have a conversation, explore beyond the veil with her... plus spend a day or two (or more) relaxing/healing in the quaint little western-style town of Sisters, Oregon in the shadow of the snow-capped Three Sisters Cascade mountains. If you love cycling or fishing or quilting or birding or horses or hiking or hot springs and music... well, here check it out!

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Diane's NDE has been made part of new book to be released by Watkins - Fall 2017...

The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

How the Messages of NDEs Positively Impact the World

The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

"An enthralling read that encapsulates the positive impact Near Death experiences are having on people and the wider world. The work done by Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh truly reinforces the important message that we are all one, all connected and that love is the most powerful source in the universe capable of healing the world. I highly recommend this well written and thought provoking book. Not only are part of the proceeds earned from the book being used to make a difference in children's lives, this book has the power within its pages to open the hearts minds and souls of every person that reads it. "

--Anita Moorjani, NDEr and New York Times Best Selling Author of "Dying To Be Me"

Now available for Pre-Order at amazon.com


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