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If you have ever wondered what happens to a person after they have had a near-death/afterlife experience, you will find some answers on the pages of this website. It's been 40 years plus since it happened to me and it changed my life completely. It led me on a path I never would have imagined and it is still unfolding. The memory of it is still clear as a bell.

The angels in the beautiful painting above represent the overwhelming feeling of unconditional love that enveloped me after I left my body, as my consciousness expanded beyond the physical world and I remembered I had done this before... I was going Home to the Light. It's difficult to come back into the body and try to get on with your life as if nothing short of a miracle that you can barely begin the explain has happened to you. It certainly turned my world upside down and life was never the same again.

Now in my late 70s, I live the life of a contemplative mystic with increasing attention on my inner world, and a waning of interest in the material world. I am a writer and I write the truth as I interpret it.

I try to convey what I learned Beyond the Veil to others in the hopes it will help them as their own spiritual path unfolds. You will find my answers to many of the same questions you may have in the ebooks I've made available for that purpose and among the many resources I've listed on this web site. I also write a blog... "Let's talk about death and dying..." in which I hope to demystify some of the concepts that are being bandied about on social media these days by challenging long held beliefs about death, dying and the afterlife. I'm not saying I have all the answers, what I have is grist for the mill.

I'm merely a messenger and I came back to share two important messages.

#1 is that We Don't Die! Our bodies may give out on us, but we are immortal souls on an evolutionary path to wholeness.

#2 is that we (souls) come into human bodies to experience life in a phsycial world over and over as we evolve in consciousness enough to become fully aware of who we really are and that this is why we are here. We are both human and divine beings in-training, learning to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously. It's an evolving developmental process.

My hope is to help people overcome fear of death and find their path to peace & joy by becoming fully conscious of their true magnificance in this life time so they can live this life time from a higher consciousness perspective where all exist in love, peace and joy!


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Diane's NDE is included in a new book...

The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

How the Messages of NDEs Positively Impact the World

The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

Featuring exclusive contributions by

Neale Donald Walsch (Conversatons with God) and Bernie Siegel, MD (Love, Medicine and Miracles)


"A comforting portrayal of the infinite healing power of love, and the sense of connectedness with the universe that arises from such profound experiences." --Eben Alexander, MD, neurosurgeon and author of Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven.

"The Transformative Power of NDEs has the power within its pages to open the hearts minds and souls of every person that reads it." --Anita Moorjani, NDEr and New York Times Best Selling Author of Dying to Be Me.

"The Transformative Power of NDEs grabs your heart and won't let go." PMH Atwater, LHD, NDEr and author of 15 NDE books.

Other endorsements by researchers: Drs. Pim van Lommel, Bruce Greyson & Jeffrey Long

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Listen to an interview on Indigo Sunrise with Barbara Graver with Diane Goble about her chapter in The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences



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