The Near-Death/Afterlife Experience of Diane Goble

Diane Goble

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If you have ever wondered what happenes to a person after they have had a near-death/afterlife experience, you will find some answers on these pages. It's been 40 years plus since it happened to me and it changed my life completely. It led me on a path I never would have imagined and it is still unfolding.

I live the life of a contemplative mystic and while I do try to keep up on what is going on in the world, my enjoyment comes from exploring and photographing the natural environment while speculating about existence on many levels. I write the truth as I interpret it.

I try to convey what I learned beyond the veil to others in the hopes it will help them as their spiritual path unfolds. You will find my answers to many of your questions in the ebooks I've made available for that purpose and among the many resources I've listed on this web site. I've also started a blog... "Let's talk about death and dying..." in which I hope to demystify some of the concepts that are being bandied about on social media these days by challenging long held beliefs about death, dying and the afterlife.

I came back to share two important messages.

#1 is that We Don't Die! Our bodies may give out on us, but we are immortal souls on an evolutionary path to wholeness.

#2 is that we (souls) come into human bodies to experience life in a phsycial world over and over as we evolve in consciousness to become fully aware of who we really are and that this is why we are here. We are both human and divine beings learning to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously.

My hope is to help people overcome fear of death and find their path to peace & joy by becoming fully conscious of their true magnificance.



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